When I started this assignment, I did not know what hyperlocal news was so I first wanted to know what it was. I learned that this is journalism that covers a very specific area. An example would be a blog or website that only covers news from a neghborhood or other specific area.

I started by looking up some hyperlocal news sites. I really just wanted to explore some different sites. What I did find was a website that was for creating your own Hyperlocal news site. This one happened to be for mobile news. People could set up a site for their local area and publish news.

Next I found a hyperlocal news site that covers three different towns in New Jersey. This is more of what I wanted to see. I thought it was intersting seeing how this news site started up and how it has evolved.

Overall, I think these news are interesting. I think it is great for local coverage and could be very informal to people that live in that particular area. I did find it hard to find these sites though so that gives me the impression that it is not very popular yet but is still getting started.


Photojournalism Ideas

This photojournalism story is something I am very interested to learn about this type of story. I have been thinking some about what I would like to do with it. I want it to be impactful and mean something. I will most likely do something that is very important to society today. For example, I think I would like to do something to raise awareness to gun issues or something related to diversity or LGBT+ rights. These are important things that are still being repressed even now in 2018 and it is important for journalists to get the word out since our unfortunate adminsitation claims it to all be “fake news”.

I did take a photography class my senior year of high school and have an interest in photography that will be beneficial to this assignment. I’m really excited to get to start this and hope I can think of something important to focus it on.

New Story in Journalism

Now that we are starting to work on our service piece for our next project, I started to take a look at the different types of stories I could write. Although I may not stick to it, I may decided to do an Application story.

I think that this is an interesting story because I enjoy teaching people how to do something and this could be a way of writing a step by step process of how to do something. I could also take this story format and write about how to use something that is already available for something different. I could do this in a variety of ways.

For now I need to think about what I could write about and decide if this is what I actually want to write about. I think this piece could be a fun one and I will enjoy writing it. This story allows me to be really creative with it.

Why is this Interview Relevant?

Today I am going to be talking to you guys a little bit about my story as well as some different things that went into preparing for the interview.


To start off, I decided that I wanted to interview someone who was working towards a field that I potentially wanted to join. The field is library science and you need to have a Master’s Degree in it to become a librarian. I actually haven’t decided if I want to continue my education and get a Master’s Degree but it has been something I have thought about. I decided to interview a student currently working on his Master’s in this field. His name is William Willis and he is a student at the University of South Florida. I decided I wanted to step into his shoes and know what it was like in the program as well as what it was like at his job being a Library Assistant in Pinellas Park.

Last week, we sat down for coffee outside a Starbucks so I could interview him and learn this information. The information I gathered to write my story about, I think could also be helpful to other students who are working towards becoming a librarian or considering it as they will want to know what it is like to be in that program.

Lastly, I will be doing research on the qualifications needed to be a librarian in Hillsborough County as well as in Pinellas County. I think this will be relevant to my story as there are certain qualification that go beyond just having your Master’s Degree.

I am very excited to be doing this story. I have already sat down to write it and will be finishing it in the next few days as our deadline comes to meet us.

Interview Prep

I just had my interview with a USF student who is a part of the Master’s Program in Library Science. I wanted to interview him to understand what it was like to be in this program because I am considering continuing my education and becoming a librarian.

We decided that we would meet at a Starbucks to conduct the interview. It was kept casual because we’re both college students but at the same time the formality of it being an interview. I didn’t want to sit inside the Starbucks because I didn’t want to have the sounds of the coffee machine going off in the recording so we sat outside. The only challenge of that was having to deal with the cars going by but overall I think it went very well.

I learned a lot about his background in wanting to go into this field and the process of going into the Master’s Program. I overall enjoyed doing this interview and I think it helped me understand a little bit more about this field. I’m excited to start writing my piece and turning it in.

Future Librarian Interviewee to Help with my Potential Career Path

This week I will be working on an interview with a University of South Florida student on his future career as a librarian. I decided to interview him because I have been thinking about a possible career as a librarian, which requires a Master’s Degree in Library Science, which he just started working on this current semester.

Here are ten possible questions I am thinking of asking:

  1. What was your motivation in deciding on this career choice?
  2. I understand that USF only offers a Master’s degree in Library Science but not a Bachelor’s Degree. Could you talk about what you decided for your Bachelor’s program?
  3. How do you think that will help you as you go through this Master’s Program?
  4. Why did you choose to go with a Youth Program?
  5. You currently work as library assistant at a library in Pinellas Park. How is that helping you in preparation to be a Librarian?
  6. You just started the Master’s Program this semester after graduating with your Bachelor’s in 2013, how do you think this program will go for you now being out of college for five years?
  7. What was the process of applying for this program?
  8. Was it similar or different from the normal admissions process?
  9. What do you hope to get out of this program?
  10.     What advice do you have for people wanting to possibly start this program?

Here is a potential start to my paper, once the interview is complete.

From an outsiders perspective, one may not know the work and educational background it takes to become a librarian. Some may think it takes little background at all, while in reality, it takes a lot more than one would think.

Twenty-six year old William Willis, a 2013 graduate from University of South Florida, has just entered the Master’s Program for Library Science, which is the degree level you need to become a librarian. His previous degree is a Bachelor’s in English with a focus on Creative Writing.


I’m excited to finish the interview paper. Library Science is something I possibly want to go into once I finish the Bachelor’s program at USF.

Dream Interview

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m going to be talking about someone I would like to interview, if I could. I have had the chance to interview some Florida based indie authors for my YouTube channel but I think every journalist has their dream person to interview.

While I have interviewed authors before, I would like to interview a big-name author. Most likely, one of my favorite authors, J.K. Rowling. Myself, as well as most kids of the millennial generation, grew up on the Harry Potter books and followed the movies as they had been released until 2011.

I was someone who grew up with these stories and fell in love with them. I will most likely never get to meet J.K. Rowling in person and anyone who does get to meet her is extremely lucky!

The chance to interview her would be a dream come true and I have had such a hard time trying to come up with some example questions of what I could even dream of asking her. I decided to settle on two.

How have you yourself changed as a person since Harry made his rise to fame?

Is there anything you wish you had done differently when you started?

I feel like the world knows a lot of J.K. Rowling’s story and life over the past two decades sincer Harry first made his way into our hearts. This wouldc be an amazing dream to even be in the same building as her. She is the dream person to interview for me.

Thank you guys for reading!